Use LED Flash Notification on Android for Calls and SMS

On the off chance that you belong to the clique which leans towards and misses the strong vibrations with approaching calls from old element phones, we will demonstrate to you a substitute method to make a strong notification for approaching calls – by enacting the led flash notification for your Android phone.

Use LED Flash Notification on Android

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Most smartphones these days need tolerable vibrations, subsequently, flash alerts on call and SMS can go about as extraordinary substitutes. Additionally, flash notifications are vital from the availability perspective, consequently, some Andriod ROM makers and OEM’s (unique hardware makers) incorporate this element locally on the working framework. We will experience in detail how to initiate and utilize the led flash notification on your Android phones.

Empowering the LED Flash Notification from the Phone Settings

Most phones with custom UI’s (eg: Samsung, Xiaomi) have the led flash notification incorporated in locally with the working framework. This setting can be found commonly by going to Settings >> Accessibility.

There, you will discover a setting called Flash Notification/Flash Alerts. By choosing that setting you can without much of a stretch empower the flash alerts on call and SMS.

Notwithstanding your phone’s producer and model, the Accessibility setting is the place you should scan first for the call flash alerts.

The strategy on a Samsung gadget.

  • Go to Settings and select Accessibility.
  • Under Accessibility, select Flash Notification
  • Select OK and the LED flash notifications will be enabled.

The means are somewhat extraordinary on a Xiaomi gadget.

You have to go to Settings >> System Apps >> Call Settings. In Call Settings, select the option saying Flash when ringing. This will set up flash notification light to approaching calls.

Stage 1 – Go to settings and select System applications

  • Framework Apps

Stage 2 – Under System applications, select Call Settings

  • Call Settings

Stage 3 – Under Call settings, select Incoming Call Settings

  • Approaching Call Settings

Stage 4 – Under approaching call settings, select Flash when Ringing

  • Flash when Ringing

In the event that you were not able to find the led flash notification setting by means of Settings, have a go at seeking once in the Settings application. Regularly this setting will be recorded as flash notification or flash alerts.

Hunting down these catchphrases will lead you to the correct options under which the setting is recorded. On the off chance that the setting is available on your phone, it will appear in the outcomes. You would then be able to simply ahead and empower this element on your phone.


Empowering the LED Flash Notification by means of Third-party Apps

Try not to lose hope on the off chance that you were not ready to actuate the led flash notifications locally on your phone. There are a lot of outsider Android applications accessible on the Google play store which empower the led flash notification on introducing them.

A portion of the applications gives additional customization options. Utilizing these options, you can tailor the call flash alerts to suit your prerequisites. Here are a couple of well known and high appraised applications from the Google Play Store that you can use to empower flash alerts on call and SMS.

  1. Flash Alerts 2

Flash Alerts 2 from MegaWave Software is one of the most prevalent and intensely downloaded applications on our rundown. The flash will flicker at whatever point a call or new instant message touches base on your phone. You can control and change the squinting recurrence of the led flash notification. Status Bar notifications trigger the flash alerts on the Pro version of the application.

The Pro version of the application likewise incorporates settings for Do Not Disturb, and the flash notification can remain enabled or disabled on the premise of the phone’s status (ring, vibrate, quiet or intelligent state).

  1. Flash on Call and SMS by Fine Android

This application gives flash alerts on call and SMS and furthermore has an option to set up multicolor led flash notifications. The flash can be turned on or off with a solitary tap. The number of flashes per message can be configured by the client as needs be to his/her necessities. The application is to a great degree advanced and consumes almost no battery and requires low storage room. The squinting recurrence simply likes the number of flashes per message can be controlled to suit the client’s needs.

  1. Flash On Call (SMS Alerts)

This application gives a completely adaptable camera flash alerts for when the gadget is ringing or when another SMS or MMS arrives. The free application enables the clients to alter the number of flashes and speed for every single approaching call and messages on the phone. The led flash notifications can be configured on the premise of the phone’s modes (Normal, Vibrate and Silent modes). The application is greatly light-weight and incorporates a battery saver mode to spare the gadget’s battery life amid crises.

  1. FlashOnCall (Call and App)

This application gives the client a chance to utilize any side of the gadget’s led flash to make led flash notifications. The front, back or the two flashes can be utilized for the flash alerts. The gigantic number of settings in this application gives the client a chance to set up special alerts for all situations.

The ideal opportunity for each flash, an interim between two flashes and the most extreme flash duration can be set up for the calls. Flash notifications can be set up for missed calls and new SMS messages too.

The flash alerts can be configured to respond to occasions from other outsider applications (remarks, prefers etc.,). Like the other applications, the led flash notification takes a shot at quiet, vibration or ordinary method of your gadget.

A fascinating component of this application is setting off a remote flash by sending an SMS to your phone. In the event that you can’t find your phone, send an SMS with the content “flash on 30” (30 being the number of seconds the flash ought to be turned on, you can modify this number). The flash turns on for the predefined measure of time. This vitality sparing has a flashmob setting so you can demonstrate your help at mass occasions like matches and concerts with your camera flashes.

  1. Flash On Call and SMS

This easy to use and top of the line application on the Google Play Store gives you a chance to set up led flash notifications with the goal that you abstain from missing calls in regions your phone must be kept on quiet. The application accompanies an assortment of options to give you a chance to tailor the flicker interim and the flash squint rely on approaching calls and SMS to your preferences. The application works in all ringer modes and you can empower or incapacitate the application on various ringer modes.



LED flash notifications are a decent method to get calls in zones where you have to keep your phone on quiet. Likewise, this component is imperative from an openness perspective as individuals with hearing weaknesses can utilize the call flash alerts and get calls. For More interesting article Keep Visiting.

This little Android notification trap can help find your phone when it is in quiet mode – the approaching call will trigger the flash notification and make your phone conspicuous. These flash alerts will likewise fulfill the requirements of clients who miss the strong vibrations from the prior component phones.

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